What is it your organization does again?

Telling your organization's story and explaining the worthiness of the work can be a daunting task.  Most of us that work in social services are so passionate and enmeshed in the work that we tend to answer the question with urgency, individual heartbreaking stories, and jargon.  However, research has found that these methods are not the most effective ways to connect others with the value of the work.  Reframing Human Services describes effective processes to use when talking about social services so others can see the value.  This method can be applied when apealing to funders, recruiting board members or polishing up your elevator speech.

There are workshops coming up in Austin to teach you how to use this method!  The workshops will be led by the Director of the National Human Services Assembly’s Reframing Initiative, Bridget Gavaghan, and are open to non-One Voice members for $30.  Go to the link below to register.