How do you go back to work after a traumatic event?

How do you go back to work after a traumatic event? Six years ago my husband texted me this picture while I was at work. He had found my wedding rings in the rubble of our completely destroyed home that we lost in a wildfire. This was almost two weeks after the fire so I had already physically returned to work, but my mind was on my loss, grief and safety. It is vital for businesses to be sensitive to the needs of employees who have experienced trauma so work can continue. Trauma Informed/Sensitive environments have been emerging in the healthcare field, schools and even the justice system with promising results. These principles can be adapted to businesses to support employees in the workplace environment. As persons return to work from large disasters such as hurricane Harvey, businesses need to consider what supports need to be in place for employees.  If you are ready to transform your agency to be supportive of your employees who are the core of your business, send me a message.  Take Care -